Local Treasure Hunting

In Marysvale, UTAH on the Paiute ATV Trail

Brought to you by Moore’s Old Pine Inn

Back in the gold rush days of Bullion Canyon, a moderately successful miner, known as Captain Jack discovered a rich vein of gold in the vicinity of the canyon. It was 1896, and Captain Jack had reasons why he did not want to tell about his vein of gold. A secret trail was laid and lost. For many years the location of that gold vein has remained a puzzle. Now, new clues have been discovered – can you solve the puzzles and find out where the gold is hidden?

Have an exciting day out with a treasure map!

Solve the clues to find the gold.

“What a great way to explore the local landscape – we had so much fun visiting places we didn’t know existed. Hunting for clues made it so much more exciting, we couldn’t believe it when we won a prize!”



The local treasure hunt is a fantastic, fun filled day out. We give you a treasure map and a clue to get you started. You’ll visit some beautiful and exciting places along the way, finding more clues to the location of the treasure. Find all the clues, solve the puzzle and you will know where the treasure is!

Work alone, take a friend or bring the family. You’ll have great fun. Bring your team, and see how well you can work together. Compete with another team – who can find the treasure first?

Captain Jack lived in Marysvale – his explorations covered what is now the Paiute ATV trail. Bring your ATV along for an exhilarating ride in search of gold.

Read more of Captain Jack’s story, get a copy of his treasure map, and follow the clues to find the location of his gold vein.

Your journey will take you to some of the glorious sites accessible from Marysvale – the treasure hunt is a really great way to explore the locality and learn more about the gold mining heritage. You will need an ATV vehicle to get around as the clues are hidden in the hillsides, in the canyons and in the town - around and about.

Solve the clues, and locate the gold EXACTLY – you will need to visit the precise location and prove that you were there – to be acclaimed as a real treasure hunter!(You will need to beg, steal or borrow a GPS and a digital camera to enter this part of the treasure hunt.)

Local Treasure Hunting costs $25 per entry. Register online to receive your treasure hunter's package. You will be able to enter your answers online and if you are correct you will win big prizes! Marysvale Local Treasure Hunting runs from Memorial Day weekend (sooner or later depending on when the snow has cleared) to the end of September 2007.

If you have problems registering online – call or visit Moore’s Old Pine Inn who will be able to assist you.

Moore’s Old Pine Inn
60 State Street
Phone: 435 – 326 - 4565




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